Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kumi – The Lucky Bug

The Bratz character doll named Kumi first appeared in the Tokyo-A-Go-Go Collection which was distributed in Australia and Europe. She first appeared in that collection wearing a Japanese kimono. Her next appearances were still exclusive to the two and these were the series for the Ooh-La-La, Bratz Class, and the Sweet Dreamz. Nevertheless, Kumi appeared in the US Class collection which was launched in the Back to School collection. The doll character’s back story was that she came from Tokyo. She likes to travel and take photos of places that she has been to and she also likes to check out the latest fashion trends in those places. Because she loves travelling, Kumi is also referred to as the Lucky Bug and she likes carrying a camera to document her adventures. For her fashion style, Kumi likes wearing the right accessories to enhance her look. She likes the color of gold and enjoys mixing and matching the modern style with the classic designs. For music, she likes listening to techno jazz and she also likes reading classic novels which is a great contrast to her favorite films because she likes to watch horror movies. Her Japanese heritage is also the primary reason why she likes green tea although she also likes ice cream and lemon-lime smoothie. There is no known pet for Kumi but this Lucky Bug knows that her lucky number is 12. For her physical description, Kumi typically has brown eyes, pale skin tone, and black hair. Yet, you can still expect that she sometimes appears to have a long brown hair and brown eyes. It is typical for most Bratz dolls to have a hair that comes in different colors. Collectors who are looking for Kumi’s play sets or doll series, you can check for these items: 1) Bratz World Tokyo A Go-Go Kimono Dolls (2004) – special collector editions 2) Bratz Ooh La La Paris (2005) 3) Oh La La - Styling Heads (2005) 4) Sweet Dreamz Pajama Party (2006) 5) Sweet Dreamz Pajama Party - Styling Heads (2006) 6) Bratz Class (2006) - exclusively distributed in Europe & Australia Collectors may also have to take a closer look when buying the Kumi doll especially when it does not come with her original box because she resembles closely to the Jade doll character. They share similarities such as their skin color, hair color, and eye color. So better double check the labels or perhaps check for the outfits that were exclusively created for each character.

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