Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dana – The Shoe Fashionista

Dana is a doll character in the Bratz doll line that has a passion for fancy shoe collection.  This may have also earned her with the nick name “Sugar Shoes”.  Still, Dana is a smart chic who loves science and who is usually found reading a book or searching new information on the internet.  But interestingly, she is hoping to open a shoe shop in space.  Simply put, she is your science geek fashionista who still has the flare for fashion even though she is too engrossed watching science fiction movies.

Her favorite books are just anything about space, either non-fiction or fiction.  This intelligent cutie’s favorite subject in school is computer science.  When it comes to music, she is the calm kind who likes the classic blue.  For her favorite food, she likes chocolate chip cookies and honeydew melon for her cold beverage.  Her favorite color is purple and her lucky number is 26.  For her fashion style, she prefers modern outfits with sleek and girly sweet hues.  But for every shopping trip expect her fashion finds to be all about new, trendy, stylish, and fun shoe designs.  Her shoe collection is constantly expanding because of this passion.

The appearance of the doll character is with brown hair although it has also been seen sporting lavender, silver and auburn.  Her skin tone is usually light but is also seen in tan shades sometimes.  For her eyes, it usually enjoys the variation of shades of blue.  Dana’s character is actually of Puerto Rican descent and she appeared as a kid in the episode entitled the Sleepover Adventure.  Her character was also mentioned by Cloe in the episode called the Manicuring Candidate.

Those who would love to start acquiring Dana’s doll collection, you can start searching for Bratz Babyz Hair Flair Dana, Bratz Kidz Magic Hair Dana, Bratz Salon N Spa Playset Dana, and the Style It Dana doll.  For other doll collections, her character is also found in this collection list: 

1)      Bratz Funk’n Glow (2003)
2)      Bratz Formal Funk Limited Edition
3)      Bratz Sweetheart Dana Special Collector’s Edition (2004)
4)      Bratz Girls Nite Out (2004)
5)      Bratz Sun Kissed Summer (2004)
6)      Bratz Winterwonderland Refresh (2004)
7)      Bratz Wild Wild West (2005)
8)      Bratz Head Gamez (2005)
9)      Bratz Ooh La La Paris (2005)
10)   Live in Concert Styling Heads (2005)
11)   Bratz Winter Fun Pack Special Collector’s Edition (2006)
12)   Ice Champions
13)   Feelin’ Pretty (2006)
14)   Passion 4 Fashion 2nd edition (2007)
15)   Bratz Fashion Show Limo with Dana (2007)
16)   Play Sportz 6 – Dana, Race Car Driver (2007)

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