Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet Draculaura The Vegan Vampire

Draculaura is Dracula’s daughter but ironically she is a vegan vampire and hemophobic.  She actually faints when she hears the word blood and more so when she sees it.  She is 1,600 years old but she cannot turn into a bat.  Draculaura is a considerate, friendly, and kind-hearted vampire who smiles a lot.  Her hair is shiny black with pink streaks and is divided into two pigtails with straight bangs.  Her skin is also light pink and her eyes are purple while her gangs visibly show once in a while.  Sometimes she can also be seen with a pink heart on her cheek and her pointed bat-like ears are adorned with silver safety pin earrings.

In school, she can be seen walking around with the other members from the fearleading squad but she is visibly petite compared to her friends.  Her best friends are Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf although she is also friends with Ghoulia Yelps, Lagoona Blue, Jackson Jekyll, Cleo de Nile, and Deuce Gorgon.  Draculaura also has a Transylvanian accent and she lives in a mansion on the same street with Holt Hyde or Jackson Jekyll.  In her School’s Out diary, she also revealed that Dracula is in fact not his biological father and that he just took her mother in when no one else would.  Nevertheless, her bond with him is strong.  

Dracula also tries to influence her to be more of a traditional vampire and even buys her Victorian dresses and corsets to wear in school.  However since she cannot see her reflection in the mirror, she just fashionably wears her wardrobe and makeup without really knowing how she looks like.  Yet as she puts it, being around for 1,600 years have already made her gotten used to it and pretty much know she still looks good.

She also has a pet bat named Count Fabulous that she loves dressing up with cute fashionable outfits especially in pink wardrobes.  Draculaura only feeds him with just small insects such as mosquitoes.  She also easily develops a crush on many boys in school like Heath Burns, Jackson Jekyll, and Clawd Wolf.  In the Monster High book series, she is often referred to by her nickname Ula D or Lala.  She is also often seen in saunas because she is always cold just like anyone who has no pulse.

Her cheery personality makes her not your typical boring and dark vampire.  She is also Monster High’s newspaper reporter and is also referred to by Cleo de Nile as the gossip ghoul.  She also loves doing makeovers for other people with fashion influences of Gothic and Victorian.  So if you are looking for a fun and vegan vampire, the Draculaura is your gal.

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