Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Mummy’s Daughter – Cleo de Nile

Approximately 5,842 years old, Cleo is a spoiled, arrogant, and sometimes selfish daughter of the Mummy.  Due to her royal lineage, she expects others to treat her as royalty as she is an ancient princess nevertheless.  She is the child of Ramses de Nile who is the chairman of the MH construction committee.  Her sister is Nefera de Nile who is a supermodel and was the previous squad captain of the fearleading team.  Cleo lives in a palace where servants are ready to do what she commands.

Cleo de Nile also has a birthmark under her right eye which is a crystal.  She has this long black hair with streaks of gold and brown highlights.  Her skin is tanned while her eyes are blue.  She also has a pet snake name Hissette whose attitude is just like her master’s.  Aside from Hissette, Cleo has seven cats named Akins, Bastet, Chisisi, Ebonee, Miu-Miu, Ufa, and Usi.  Cleo really has a difficult character as she sometimes take advantage of other people in school.  Although she has helped Ghoulia Yelps overcome her shyness, she soon takes her as a personal assistant who runs errands for her.  However, Cleo is good friends with Lagoona Blue whose kinds character makes her get along easily with her circle of friends.

Cleo also enjoys playing tricks on the other girls to get them into trouble.  She can get too overbearing and when she gets upset she lets her piercing scream out.  But she later realized her mistakes after the Fearleading Squad members resigned and subsequently became more accommodating and understanding to others.  But Cleo still has an awkward relationship with Clawdeen Wolf after Cleo dumped her brother, Clawd, for Deuce Gorgon.

Despite here demanding and haughty character, Cleo has some good qualities as she is known to be a highly effective leader who organizes very events well.  She is also known to be kind and generous at times.  Her academic standing is excellent as she has a broad knowledge of different subjects.  Her favorite subject is geometry but she least likes history as she has already been kind of been there done that with things of the past.  But one thing she needs to be careful of is not to be unwrapped from her mummy bandages.  If she is not wrapped with at least one bandage, she will definitely turn into dust.  And even with her ancient history, she is just one ghoul who is also afraid of the dark.

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