Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Son Of Medusa – Deuce Gorgon

With green eyes that can temporarily turn people into stone for a few hours, Deuce Gorgon is always seen wearing his sunglasses.  He is the 16-year old son of Medusa who sports a bunch of green snakes for his Mohawk hair.  His biceps are also adorned with green scales which looks more of a tattoo.  Deuce is characterized as an outgoing and sports-loving lad who also has a passion for cooking although he rarely gets it known.  Deuce also lives with her mother in a building with Greek inspired designs such as columns and statues.

He is also known in Monster High as the muscular and tall guy who dated Cleo de Nile after she broke up with Clawd Wolf.  He and Cleo have already like each other but Deuce just did not want to ruin Cleo’s relationship with Clawd as they were still together.  After they broke up, Deuce was rather quick enough to ask Cleo for a date which was the main reason why Clawdeen Wolf (Clawd’s sister) hated Cleo.  Yet the real story unfolded in Clawd’s diary about his amicable break-up with Cleo.
Deuce also has a pet rat which he ironically named Perseus.  As everybody knows in Greek mythology, Perseus is Medusa’s number one enemy.  Yet this two-tailed rat also sports a Mohawk but his is a yellow one.  Cleo’s snake pet was actually Deuce’s gift to her.  The snake named Hissette was Medusa’s first grey hair which he gave to Cleo to patch up his relationship with Cleo during a misunderstanding.  Having descended from gorgons and like all snakes, Deuce also has a forked tongue.  Despite his astonishing monstrous features, he is still an outgoing and friendly teenager who sometimes wear a hat to hide his “snakehawk”.

He also loves basketball or “casketcall” among any other sports in school along with his best bud, Jackson Jekyll.  Academically, his favorite subject is culinary arts although he does not want anyone to know it to avoid being teased.  Nevertheless, his fashion signature is his red sleeveless shirt with a skull print on the front underneath his sporty gray vest.  He then pairs his top with black pants and a classic checkerboard Vans shoes to complete his basic look.  Since he does not also want to turn his friends into stone with his stare, Deuce owns around 300 pairs of shades.   For music, Deuce loves metal rock and joins battle of the bands as a hobby.  

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