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Collecting The Blue Imps - Smurf Dolls

The blue imps were introduced on October 23, 1958 and were the creation of Belgian cartoonist Pierre “Peyo” Culliford.  The idea for these tiny characters came from his comic series on Spirou magazine entitled Johan et Pirlouit (Johan and Peewit) which was set in the middle ages in Europe.  The two characters were in for an adventure to retrieve a magic flute and on their way they met some tiny blue-skinned creatures called the “Schtroumpf”.  The word schtroumpf originated from the word salt when Peyo forgot the correct word for it.

The tiny blue characters on the comic series were a big hit that in 1959, Spirou published an exclusive story for them.  The name was then translated into Dutch which is what we now know as smurf.  The subsequent comic series exclusive for the smurf characters were then entitled “La Flute a six Schtroumpfs”.  As the smurfs became more popular, it was inevitable that toys, miniatures, and dolls were manufactured and sold to kids and adults who big fans of the comic series.

The characters in the world of smurfs generally look the same and the only thing that may distinguish one smurf among a hundred of their fellow smurfs is their accessories.  The blue-colored character typically wears a white conical cap and white trousers.  But to distinguish a character from the rest, an accessory is added such as Handy Smurf who has a pencil behind his ear and Tailor Smurf who is usually seen with a tape measure around his neck.  Initially all smurfs were males until Gargamel created Smurfette, who was originally a brunette, to destroy the Smurfs.  Her hair was turned to blonde when Papa Smurf created a potion to change her attitude.

Here are some popular characters of the Smurf cartoon series that you might want to collect:
1)      Papa Smurf – He is the leader of the Smurfs and he wears a red cap and red trousers.  He also has a white beard and likes tinkering in his laboratory to mix some potions and spells.

2)      Brainy Smurf – He who seems to be an expert on any subject matter, however, he is usually wrong.  Brainy can be seen tagging along with his best pal Clumsy.

3)      Vanity Smurf – He is the most vain and narcissistic smurf in his village.  Vanity can be easily spotted since he has a flower tucked on his cap.

4)      Jokey Smurf – You can immediately identify him with his peculiar laugh.  He is often seen carrying a giftbox with an exploding mechanism inside.

5)      Greedy Smurf – As what he his name will tell you, he is known for his greediness - for food.  Greedy just doesn’t have the control of stealing Baker Smurf’s pastries and snacks.

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