Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Triplets – Valentina, Siernna, and Oriana

The doll company that introduced the Bratz dolls always like to innovate and introduce more doll characters to let kids enjoy their play time.  MGA Entertainment introduced the first set of triplets in the collection which are Siernna (nicknamed as Kickin’ Kool-ala), Valentina (nicknamed as Pretty Pup), and Oriana (Nicknamed as Punk Skunk).  The triplets’ appearance is basically the same wherein the dolls have light skin tone, straight long blonde hair with light brown highlights, and blue eyes. 

Each of them has a different personality and Siernna is the sports minded one who is a member of almost every sports team in school.  This is why she got the nickname Kickin’ Kool-ala.  Her lucky number is 44 and she loves the color blue.  And if you guess it, her favorite movies are all about sports even the books she reads are all about biographies of athletes.  Her favorite food is pasta and she loves to cool down with a tropical and sweet coconut smoothie.

Her favorite class is the gym class and she likes listening to rock n’ roll music.  Siernna is really an active and health conscious kid which keeps her busy all the time.  Despite this, she still carries a great fashion taste for sports wear with vibrant hues.  The second member of the trio is Valentina who is the most feminine character among the three.  She has a pet puppy and interestingly she is also nicknamed as Pretty Pup.  There is not much about her favorite things but she likes the color red and prefers punk style yet feminine outfits.

The third character to complete the trio is Oriana.  She is called the Punk Skunk and she loves playing the guitar.  She even comes with a play set that includes a guitar.  Originally, the characters Oriana and Valentina were introduced as the third set of twins in the Bratz Twiins Edition.  However later on, Siernna was added to create the Bratz Triiiplets Edition.  The other twin characters in the collection were the twins Roxxi and Phoebe and the twins Tess and Nona.  While the other set of triplets are Brigitte, Adrienne, and Janelle.

Here are some other collections where the characters appeared:
1)      Sweet Dreamz Pajama Party - Styling Heads (2006) – with Siernna
2)      Sweet Dreamz Pajama Party (2006) – with Siernna
The triplets can also be found as Bratz Babyz in which the three tiny toddler dolls look exactly the same except for their hairstyle and outfits. 

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