Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet The Fierce Fashionista Clawdeen Wolf

Known for being a fashionista, 15-year old Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of the Werewolf.  She lives in a modest home along with her brother Clawd Wolf and many of their siblings.  Her big family sometimes annoys and embarrasses her but she knows when to defend them just like how wolves would care for their pack.  This can also be seen on how she took sides with her brother after Cleo de Nile dumped Clawd for Deuce Gorgon.  She also has a pet cat named Crescent which has a soft purple fur and whose favorite food is steak.  Clawdeen also has a hairy body or brown fur from head to toe.  She spends a lot of time shaving and plucking her fur to look fabulous.

Clawdeen has her own sense of style and she has this intense character as show in her eyes and canine fangs.  Her bold and fierce character can sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogance but she is loyal to her family and friends.  Even with tons of hair on her body, she still comes out as a fabulous fashionista.  Yet aside from this, she is one of the most athletic gals especially on the soccer field.  

She used to show off her fur until animal activists thought of it as a fur scarf and tagged her with paint for wearing such.  Consequently to avoid attracting attention over it, she regularly goes to a spa for a full body wax to have it removed.  She also used the name Claudine when she’s around with the “Normies” (normal people).  Academically, Clawdeen excels in her lessons as she is driven to be successful in the fashion industry.  She can really be seen as a determined, focused, and independent gal who knows what she wants but still respects her parents.

Clawdeen normally wears a striped black tiger or leopard print tank top and a purple miniskirt accessorized with a studded belt.  She also pairs her top with a black jacket lined with faux purple fur on the collar.  She then wears this ensemble with a purple and black strappy high-heeled platform shoes.  Her brown long and free flowing hair is fabulously just like Farrah Fawcett’s famous hairdo.  Sometimes she can be seen with the fearleading squad although she mentioned in the diary that she didn’t want to join the team.  Still, an active RAD like Clawdeen participates in school activities such as being the head of the Moonlight Dance Committee.  

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