Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reborners And Newborners’ Tools – Realism Supplies

Realistic and life-like qualities are what reborners and newborners are after when they are creating their masterpieces.  There are over hundreds of supplies and tools that a doll artist would need to create baby dolls that closely resembles the real babies.  The art of reborning and newborning is a particularly higher level of doll-making as more attention to details is required.  This is also the art that requires patience and time to achieve the qualities that the artist wants to show on his creation.

The tools of the trade can be as simple as a set of sculpting tools to a more complicated supply kit of creating baby’s saliva bubbles.  Even facial features usually seen on a baby can be imitated with the use of the right materials and supplies to amazingly imitate a real infant’s features.  Hence, there are supplies and tools that create the realistic look on infant dolls that are just particularly exclusive to this art of doll-making.  Here is a list of materials and supplies that reborners and newborners refer to as “The Realism Supplies”:

1)      3D Texture Medium – This is used to create 3-dimensional milk spots, skin bumps, eyebrows, and taste buds.
2)      Moist Glaze Medium – Infants typically have moist lips, inners ears, and eyelids.  This will definitely help you achieve that look.
3)      Shine Remover Sealer – Typically, edges on the doll parts will look shiny which make it look like plastic.  To attain a smooth baby skin texture, this shine remover will surely seal the deal.
4)      Color Thinning Medium – It makes vivid color paints lighter.
5)      Baby Bubble Solution  - This is used to blow realistic saliva bubbles on the baby doll’s lips.
6)      Bubble Maker – This is the tool where you will use the solution with to create that saliva bubble.
7)      Baby Skin Texture Tool Set – These are special brushes that will help you achieve that realistic baby skin texture all over the doll’s components.
8)      Mottling Skin Tool – It helps you design the skin texture on the skin surface.
9)      Paint Mixing Guide – This is a chart that will guide you on how to mix paints to attain that color blush on the nails, fingers, lips, wrinkles, veins, and the purple wash.
10)   Veining Pattern Guide – This will guide you on the techniques of appropriately painting veins on the head, limbs, and arms.
These are just some of the typical tools and supplies that will help reborners achieve the lifelike qualities of their reborn or newborn dolls.  Other tools are still out there to create extremely realistic dolls but reborners and newborners should follow the ethical guidelines set by the International Reborn Doll Artists (IRDA).

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