Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Get To Know Frankie Stein Of Monster High

Described as a sweet, polite, athletic, and mint green skinned gal, Frankie is everybody’s friend at Monster High.  She is the daughter of Viktor and Viveka Stein who are both university professors and is just 15 days old.  Yep, that’s right!  The first 15 days of her life was spent on downloading knowledge into her head which explains her good academic skills.  Frankie’s skin has several stitches while bolts protruding on her neck.  Sometimes the stitches could go loose which causes some of her mint green body parts to fly off during tryouts and other physically-challenging activities in school. 
Her eyes do not have the same color as one is blue and the other is green while her black hair has some white streaks caused by using peroxide.  Nonetheless, she is quite an attractive gal who loves to dress fashionably.  Her best friends are Lagoona Blue, Draculara, Abbey Bominable, and Claudeen Wolf.  Frankie also owns a pet named Watzit which is also all-stitched up just like her.  Watzit has parts of a dragon, puppy, fish, kitten, and perhaps a mix of other creatures.  But despite the mix breed, Frankie loves this brown pup with bat ears and spiked collar.   

Frankie is also a smart student although clumsy in some occasions.  She has an inquisitive mind which drives her to always try to learn new things.  Once she also gets excited, she her neck bolts would spark.  In some instances, she shows the ability to control electricity.  She used to wear make-up, scarves, turtlenecks, and tracksuit to hide her body’s stitches and natural color but soon enough she got tired of hiding and started wearing what she loves.  This may have caused a stir with the Normies (normal humans) which caused her to be on house arrest along with the other RADs (Regular Attribute Dodgers).  Yet a movie entitled “Ghoul Next Door” made by the Normies, Brett and Melody, showed people how to coexist with the RAD’s.  

Frankie has a strong bond with her group of friends although she is still a bit naïve in so many ways.  She loves to interact with them along with their fondness for fearleading.  She is a very enthusiastic young gal and is fueled by the desire to do the right thing.  Nonetheless, she’s a bit careless at times which prompted the school to hire another janitor for duty in school.  Yet Frankie’s love life is never left behind.  Her life in school is ever more colorful with her crushes just like any normal teenager.

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